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Hanoi Project Passes FAI
Author炯人:king    From: 2019-1-25 8:25:42

January 9, the "Hanoi Saloon Air Conditioning" project of our company (Metro Hanoi Line 3 Saloon) successfully passed the First Article Inspection of Alstom Valenciennes Depot (hereinafter referred to as AT, VPF).

The project was officially launched on February 5, 2018, including ten fleets of train, and each fleet is composed of four vehicles, say 80 saloon air conditioning units and 20 cab units. The VPF Depot, as the most stringent factory of AT at quality requirements, requires the riveting and maintainability audits in addition to the general requirements of AT, such as rapid dis/assembly available for the limited space, which are the necessary requirements for acceptance.

In the designing process, the project team continued the internal contact meetings twice a week in tackling with the new problems and challenges. They validated and overturned the issues over and over again, then redesign and re-validate them... By no means of shortcut. After multiple resistance overcome with mutual help and encouragement of the workmate, we successfully pass the first article inspection.

Many difficulties in the project have been overcome, which not only strengthen the exclusive advantage of our project on the P4 platform but also enhance the overall technical level and accumulate valuable experience for the production of better environment-friendly products.