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"Jinyan Award" To KING As Outstanding Enterprise of Reform and Opening Up 40 Years
Author不:king    From: 208-12-28 8:23:25

December 21, KING Company won the "Jinying Award" for outstanding enterprises of Reform and Opening-up "40-year, Industrial Casting Soul" of Shijiazhuang city. General manager Dr. Li Zongxing attended the award ceremony and received the award on behalf of the KING Company.

Appraisal for outstanding enterprises of Shijiazhuang city reform and opening up "40-year, Industrial Casting Soul" activities are jointly held by the Municipal Propaganda Department, the Bureau of Municipal Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Broadcasting, and the City Entrepreneur Association. The company received this honor indicating that the company abides by the laws, well run its business with harmonious labor relations, standard environmental protections and compliant safety production, and has practiced corporate social responsibilities and the market share and revenue indicators in the leading position of the industry over the years, and the company has made greater contributions to the development of the economy and the society of the Shijiazhuang City for the 40 years reform and opening up.

In the list of the Shijiazhuang top 100 industries announced the same day, KING Company ranks the 66th place among the Shijiazhuang top 100 industries.