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KING Obtain Order of Duisburg Light Rail Project
Author巷浆:king    From: 2018-12-21 8:22:11

November 22, 2018, Bombardier Transportation and our company formally signed the contract of European saloon air conditioners for Germany Duisburg Light Rail Air Conditioning project. This  is the first order that Bombardier made the traditional light rail platform vehicles to the standardized light rail platform vehicles, of which there’re total volume of 47 trains, and each train is equipped with 3 saloon air conditioners and 2 cab air conditioners which will be delivered to the Bombardier Vienna plant and the Bautzen plant. The signing of this project means that we have officially entered the Bombardier Light Rail Vehicle Platform for suppling air conditioners, laying the foundation for signing of the subsequent a series of light rail order.

Light Rail is the main transportation mode in European cities. Its beautiful appearance and open infrastructure make it brighten the cities and have become a business card for the cities.

Bombardier Transportation has opened its light rail platform to our company, which not only shows its confidence and recognition to our products but provides an enormous support for us to further consolidate the European market.